Creation of effective teams – workshop



The aim of the workshop is to help teams define their mission, goals, values and principles of cooperation – that is, key elements of organizational culture – and to translate them into everyday tasks.

You can ask yourself: “Why is it important?”

  • Structuring elements of organizational culture allows the teams to function more efficiently – they know what the mission of the company/team is and what the measurable goals are that they strive for
  • It allow you make decisions in accordance with the policy of the team
  • It will help you and your team grow – with a common business goal, it’s easier to choose a direction of development


Who’s the workshop for?

  • for newly formed units
  • for existing teams that do not have a structured and written organisational culture and/or purpose,
  • for teams that want to optimize their work
  • for fast-growing organizations that need support to scale up their culture,
  • for teams that “feel” that there is a problem somewhere but don’t know where. 🙂



  • Workshop duration: 2 days x 6h x 6 modules
  • Group size: max. 10 people / 1 moderator
  • Choose workshop version: Full (2 days x 6h) or Mini (2 days x 4h)


What is the difference between offers?

The main difference involves the module on objectives. In the mini version we have the Common Goals block, and in the Full Common Goals & Personal Goals version, where we not only discuss team goals, but also personal goals.


Scenario – workshop step by step:

Team Canvas – Definition of an perfect team

People & Skills – How often do we not know what we do and what we can do? So the difference between position and skills

Purpose – The theory of the golden circle. Why do all teams have to have their own “Why? How? What?”

Common Goals & Personal Goals – What is our team goal and what do we have to do to achieve it? Guide to OKR.

Values – Does your team have any… values? Values and their impact on business.

Rules & Activities – Is it worth agreeing on the rules of cooperation? Planning activities after the workshop.


What do the participants say about the workshop?

“For me, the greatest value of the workshop was to collect these little thoughts from each of the team members, which are always there, but get lost during everyday work. The simple tasks given by the facilitator, the supplementary questions and additional discussions lead to putting everything together and the team, knowing its goal and its “why”, gets a motivational kick out of doing it – as well as or better than before.”
Kamil Kozieł @maise
UX/UI designer, workshop participant

You will find the full workshop offer – here. 🙂




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Co-founder & Strategist
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